Inspiring leadership personality with broad experience, comprehensive management skills and invaluable connections. Team player. Certified Personal & Business Coach (dvct).

  • Many years of experience in top management with a correspondingly successful track record.
  • International marketing and sales expert, well respected and esteemed in the market.
  • Acceptance at all executive levels, C-suite level, to subject level and employee level by lasting successes in recognition of growth potentials, cost cutting, turnarounds and outsourcing.
  • Speaker within the scope of professional congresses and industry-specific events.
  • Guest speaker at universities.
  • Keynote speaker.
  • Competitive athlete.
  • CEO of one of the largest and most innovative German media marketer organizations with an international sales network in 17 countries.
  • Advisory board member on a joint venture with leading and globally active US media company.
  • Founder and CEO of Sports, a new business unit within a top German media group.
  • CMO for a premier German media group in Eastern Europe.

  • Sport mentoring for student athlete with a basketball scholarship to renowned university in United States NCAA Division I.
  • Member of the Olympic squad US Team Handball – National Team in preparation for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA.
  • Holder of the B-Trainer license of the German Team Handball Federation.
  • Professional handball player and team captain in the German 1st division of team handball.

  • Instructor at the sports school of the Federal Police Academy.
  • Police officer with order and leadership experience at 
different focal points within the Federal Republic of Germany and in the fight against terrorism.

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